"Paying Tribute To Our Past"

"The Karankawa People"

The Karankawa people inhabited the Gulf Coast of Texas from Galveston Bay down south towards Corpus Christi Bay.

Image courtesy of The University of Texas Austin

Karankawa Campsite Marker

"Now extinct these nomadic Indians lived along the Texas coast, depending on the coast for survival. In 1528 they aided Spanish explore Cabeza De Vaca, but resisted all intruders from the time of the French expedition of La Salle in 1685. The tribe later declined because of disease and warfare with Pirates and Anglo-American Settlers. Known for tall tribesman and alleged practices of ceremonial cannibalism, they had virtually disappeared from Texas by the 1840's."

Karankawa Indian Campsite Texas Historical Marker in Jamaica Beach, Galveston Island, Texas.

Galveston County Museum's Exhibit Preview

These are just a few of the informative and exciting exhibits that will be on display for all to enjoy in the near further. From the island's humble begins to Indians, pirates and gambling there's sure to be something to interest all who visit.